"Master Your Life" 2012


Can one day really change your life?

You know that you were created for more than the life you are living right now. You're ready for a change. You're hungry for it. And you've finally reached the point where you refuse to settle for less. You already have within you everything you need to live the life you desire. You just need that key to unlock your potential and bring it out.

In a single day event, Hannah Keeley, author, television host, and life coach, will take you step-by-step through a process to begin creating the life you were born to live--a life of abundance, joy, and peace.

Let's face it, life isn't getting any easier for moms. We have more stress than ever before. Our health is compromised. Our homes are chaotic. And our families are falling apart. But, nothing--NOTHING--will change until you decide to take that one step to make it happen.

"Master Your LIfe" is that one step. It's the step from where you are to where you want to be.

At "Master Your LIfe" you will:

* Discover why you will make progress for a short time and then quickly relapse and fall back into destructive patterns; and learn how to stop it.
* Find out the secret to managing your home and your time in a way that is productive (no more getting to the end of the day and wondering what you did with all your time...).
* Learn the three steps that will immediately turn your stress into success. It works every time!
* Get the skills to communicate effectively with your spouse and kids, in a way that will make them want to work with you, and for you.
* Identify what is stopping you from being the mom you were meant to be, and turn it around--for good.
* Find the destiny that God has in store for you and learn how to achieve it.
* Develop the skills to target destructive thought patterns and turn them into formulas for success.
* Learn the proven system to attract whatever you desire into your life.
* Take the flame that God breathed into you, and fan it into a raging fire!

You were created for more! You were designed for power, prosperity, and peace! It's time to quit getting by every day and start mastering your life and fulfilling your God-given destiny.


Your new life is waiting. Are you ready to claim it?

At the "Master Your LIfe" event, you will receive:

* Four ultimate coaching sessions with Hannah Keeley.
* A gourmet, catered lunch.
* Special discounts on enrollment in Mom Mastery University.
* Social interaction with powerful moms, like you, who are changing their lives.
* Q & A session with Hannah Keeley.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be a filmed event, and you will be part of a studio audience. Because of that, we ask that you "look the part"! Please dress in business casual (dresses, skirts, or nice pants). You will be filmed (especially during the Q & A session), so we also ask that you wear bright colors, happy colors! After all, we're happy moms...right?

If not, don't fret. You will be.

See you at "Master Your Life!"


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