Hannah Help Me! : Season 1


It's spring and we desperately have to clean out our office! This $45.00 DVD set is now priced at only $29.95! But, here's the deal--there is a very limited quantity left, so make sure you order now. The price (and the product) is not going to last!

Nobody ever said being a MOM would be EASY!
Overwhelmed, discouraged, flying by the seat of your pants? Meet six moms who are in the same boat:

Kristen—With a husband out of work, a house full of clutter, and whiney kids, this mom can’t handle the stress anymore!

Stephanie—Working from home with no organization and no structure is making this mom totally miserable.

Laurie—She can’t stop her senseless spending! This mom needs to get a grip on her budget (and her wardrobe).

Diana—Being the breadwinner of the family, this mom is struggling with serious mom guilt, and too much perfectionism.

Melissa—Dealing with too much weight and too much clutter, this homeschooling mom is at the breaking point.

Rachael—With a junk food diet, a deployed husband, disobedient kids, and a mountain of debt, this mom needs help!

Hannah comes to the rescue with two-days of some serious “dig in your heels and roll up your sleeves” hands-on help. Founder of Mom Mastery University and author of Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover, Hannah pulls from her background as a behavior therapist and her own experience raising seven kids to take these moms from SURVIVING to THRIVING in only TWO DAYS!

This set also contains the BONUS episode: “The Mom Retreat”

Appropriate for all ages (of course, we’re talking ‘bout moms here!)
Running Time: 13 episodes, 28 minutes each.



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