Sister Dating (no, not Sister Wives...)

Posted: Mar 26 2011


I don't think anything makes me happier than when my girls go on sister dates. They've started making this a tradition, and it has been wonderful! This picture was when Kelsey and Katie went out for dinner and a movie this past weekend.

Here's how it works--the older ones take out the younger ones on a date, or the older ones go on a date together. It's become such a beautiful tradition and the girls have a total blast.

When Kelsey first got her license, I had the typical fears as any mama would. What I didn't realize was what a blessing it would be. Not that she runs errands for me, but that she has the independence to do those things that are a blessing to others (especially her sisters).

This past week, she and Katie took Kenna out on a date to get a snack and pick up a movie. They spent their own money and had such a sweet time together. And the coolest thing is that I have never suggested it. This is something they came up with on their own!

Sister dating--who would have known it would be so much fun?

This is definitely a tradition that we're keeping!!

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