It's Called WORK for a Reason!

Posted: Mar 22, 2015


Watch who you follow. If you're not breaking a sweat, then you may be following the wrong person. You're not supposed to be on cruise control, just drifting along with the traffic. If you want to get anywhere, you're going to have to set your target and do some work!

Ready for the "Next Show?"

Posted: Mar 16, 2015


Three of my kids were in the show, "Fiddler on the Roof." This past weekend was the final performance and I could have never anticipated how my youngest child would react after taking her final bow.

Are you a Missionary Mom?

Posted: Mar 06, 2015

Ever feel like you're not equipped to share the gospel? Check out this interview with Riley Stephenson, director of evangelism with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, as he shares how simple and easy it is to share Jesus.

Having a BAD HAIR DAY?

Posted: Mar 02, 2015


If you come across a "sticky" situation in your life, don't do what my daughter did and try to solve the problem by coming up with your own clever solution...