The Crazy Mama Challenge

Posted: Aug 25, 2014


Make sure you are following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the 21-Day Crazy Mama Challenge (#crazymamachallenge). Kick-off is September 1st.

The Quittable Spot

Posted: Aug 23, 2014


The day before your big breakthrough feels just like any other day. That's why it's so important to keep going, no matter how small the steps seem to be. Keep going and do NOT quit. It may be waiting for you right around the corner.

Defeating Your Inner Loser

Posted: Aug 11, 2014


It was the most humiliating experience of my life. I couldn't believe I was standing there in court, feeling like a total loser in front of the judge. How did my life come to this moment?

Stand Up and Stand Out!

Posted: Aug 03, 2014


If you're going to get anywhere in life, you're going to have to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. You were designed to make a difference, not to fit in. So it's time to stand up and STAND OUT!

Faith-FULL Friday: It's Yours! So Take It!" Part 2

Posted: Aug 01, 2014


Do you feel that? Yep, it's summer! That means it's time to sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy life! What? Don't think that's possible for a busy mom like you? Think again!
God knew what He was doing when He designed you; and He designed you to require rest. If you don't think that's a possibility, think again. No matter how busy your life may seem, Hannah shows how to get rest, how to stay rested, and how to use rest to propel you to a new level of productivity. Put down the coffee and listen up!

I am ALWAYS sore!

Posted: Jul 27, 2014


It's a life lesson that came to me in disguise of a college football linebacker, but one that applies to every mom on the planet.