Seven Deadly Sins of Dieting

Posted: Oct 01 2009


Okay, so you’re cutting back? Caught a glimpse of those thighs when you stepped out of the shower and figured it’s been one too many years and ten too many hot fudge sundaes? I know the feeling, mama. But before you go pick up your diet shakes and snack bars, let me cue you in on seven of the biggest traps to avoid. These are the deadly sins. The ones that can stop any diet before it even gets a chance to get going.

#1—Foul Language

I’m not talking about those words you utter under your breath when you see that stick-thin blonde snarfing down a couple of chili dogs and a DQ Blizzard. I’m talking about one of the most foul words in our language—“diet.” Quit saying the word, “diet.” Quit telling people you are on a “diet.” Quit belly-achin’ about your “diet.” That word is synonymous with deprivation and you know me well enough by now that every good thing (and every bad thing) begins with a mindset. If you are focused on depriving yourself by saying you are on a diet, then you will not achieve success. Change your mindset to be one that can accomplish something. You’re eating healthy! You’re treating your body right! You are stronger and slimmer every day!


If there is one thing that is sure to set you up for failure, it’s going hungry. When you deprive yourself of food, you get hungry. When you get hungry enough, you eat. When you eat when you are too hungry, you binge. When you binge, you feel guilty. When you feel guilty, you resolve to deprive yourself of food. You see where this pattern is going? That’s right…nowhere! Avoid hunger like the plague. Instead, eat small, regular meals so you constantly feel satiated.

#3—Yucky Food

For some reason, “diet” food has never really appealed to me. OH, now I remember. It’s because it tastes like “diet” food. When you are cutting back, you should have a rule: I will not eat anything that is not delicious. It’s like that scene from one of my favorite movies, Ratatouille. The chef tells the critic, “You sure are thin for a food critic.” The food critic then replies, “I’m a food critic because I love food. If I don’t love food, I don’t swallow.” Go ahead, be picky! I would rather eat one delicious, rich, full-flavored brownie, than ten diet cookies.


You may think that bag of chips isn’t going to be tempting while you’re in the store picking up the groceries. But, mama, if you let that sucker in the house, it’s going to catch you when your defenses are down and your munchies are up. Don’t be deceived. If you don’t want to eat it, then don’t let it in the house. And don’t gripe about the kids not having their favorite snacks. If it’s junk food, then they don’t need it, either.

#5—Bad Attitude

Here’s the deal. You’re cutting back your food intake so you can look slimmer, right? You want to look slimmer so you can feel happier, right? Well, I have an idea. Why not just be happier now? Who says you have to wait until you’re a certain size or weight? Don’t all of us deserve joy? That’s fine if you want to lose weight, but just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. If you’re waiting until you reach a certain level to experience happiness, then I hate to break it to you, but it’s hugely likely that you will still be unfulfilled. Be happy now and quit waiting.


Okay, so you screwed up on you’re “diet.” Guess what, we all do! The only difference between the failures and the success stories is that the success stories get right back up and keep going. Many of us will screw up one time and say, “That’s it. I’m doomed to failure.” And then proceed to eat the contents of the entire kitchen including the cabinet doors. Don’t procrastinate. Make your best move right now, not on Monday when you can officially start your “diet,” or after the big party, or when your reunion is drawing close. Do it now! Every second you put off eating healthy is lost forever.

#7—The Most Serious Sin of them all….

Being too serious, for crying out loud! Lighten up, mama. We’re talking about cutting calories, not world peace. There are big issues out there and whether you are a size 6 or a size 26 is NOT one of them. Beauty is as beauty does so smile big, laugh a lot, and learn to love yourself for the amazing woman that you are. Your mirror can be your best friend if you would just learn to see the real beauty that’s already there.

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