Hannah’s 30-Day Ponytail Challenge

Posted: Aug 05 2012


I caught myself putting my hair up in a ponytail for the fifth time last week, and I realized that something’s got to change. Why is it that moms seem to relegate themselves to that old standby ponytail every single day? And if it’s not the ponytail, then it’s the big, fat hair clip or the messy bun. I am sending out a personal challenge to say “NO!” to the ponytail/hair clip do for 30 days. Can you do it? I bet you can!! If you are blessed enough to have a head of hair, then take care of it and show it off!

Shine It—If your hair is suffering form the dried-out doldrums, then try some natural conditioners. A can of beer poured through your hair is a perfect way to bring out the shine. Vinegar also works very well to make your hair practically glisten. And as long as you seal the hair cuticle with a blast of cold water, you don’t have to worry about going around smelling like a brewery or an Easter egg.

Condition It—I read once that mayonnaise works fabulously as a natural hair conditioner. I tried it and nearly gagged (gross!). If you are looking for something to work as a great natural hair conditionar, try egg yolk and olive oil. The protein penetrates the hair shaft and the oil seals it in a layer of softness. However, keep in mind that most people who need conditioner only need it on the lower portion of the hair and not the crown. If you put too much conditioner on the crown of your head, it can make your whole head look oily.

Detangle It—I paid a hefty price tag for those fancy detangling hair sprays until I realized that I could make it myself for a tiny fraction of the cost. Buy a bottle of volumizing conditioner. It’s important to get volumizing so that it doesn’t make your hair lie flat. In a spray bottle, put a squirt of the conditioner and fill the rest up with water (the ratio will vary depending on how tangled your hair usually gets).

Style It—This is the kicker for most busy moms. We barely have time to blow dry our hair, much less style it. However, there are always a few minutes here and there. Hot rollers are making a come back and they are so easy. Just spend a few minutes rolling it and go on with your household duties. When you’re finished, take out the rollers, fluff out your hair, and you’re done. For quick fixes, headbands are awesome and there are so many cool ones out now. Styling is really not that difficult and it makes such a huge difference.

So, go ahead and take my 30-Day Ponytail Challenge. You’ll be glad you did!

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