Bonnie Byte: Recital Season

Posted: May 17 2009


As many of you know, I live with my second human family. The one to whom - as some folks say - I “belong“, is Sasha. I call her Mama Sasha. She is only eight years old, but she is the one who feeds me, takes me outside for…you know…potty time, and most importantly, shares her secrets and deepest feelings with me. I am most honored.

Sasha recently confided in me something I found disturbing. This is recital season and she told me of a family who had scolded their child for not doing well while on stage. I can not tell you how sad that made me. But I know I was not nearly as sad as the child who heard the harsh words from the people she most trusted and adored. I told Sasha these moments are like little rest stops in the journey of life but they are not the goal. They are the “wait a minute, let’s take stock and celebrate” moments. These stops may take many different forms over the course of a person’s life. Some will be well executed while some may bring feelings of frustration (and a few may be down right embarrassing). But they all will come with a lesson. Ideally, there will be sharing the joy of a job well done but sometimes it’s a chance to teach perseverance and how to exhibit grace under pressure.

Whether it is a soccer match, Little League game or a recital, it is not really the perfect performance that matters. It is the knowledge gained, self-confidence developed and delight in the sharing that is important. As this season of “performances” continues I urge all humans to consider the big picture and safe-guard the tender heart of your “pups.” All four quarters in life’s journey must be played, all innings of the journey taken, and every dance or song in life must be seen or heard. Acknowledge the places it took you and the love shared along the way. With a kind and encouraging heart shout, ”Good Shot, Play Ball or Encore!” Cheer those pups on! It’s always a winning proposition.

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