Bonnie Byte: Put a Little Spring in Your Step

Posted: Apr 06 2009


I just adore this time of year. The wind blows, bringing even more delicious scents to my sensitive nose. And so many more animals are emerging from the woods, making little noises that tickle at my ears. It all makes me feel so alive!

On these sunny days, go outside, breathe deeply and move your body. That’s what it was made to do. Now that the long winter is over, celebrate that you are alive! Too many humans stay indoors on their couches, in front of the glowing screens (TVs and computer monitors, my humans tell me) that take up so much of their time. Don’t wait for something to do, make something to do in the great outdoors. Dig in the dirt, plant something, lay in the grass or relax in a hammock and watch the clouds roll by. Go for a walk and see how many little critters you come across. No need to chase them like I do. Unless you want to, of course!

Spend a little time enjoying nature and you’ll find yourself feeling better in body and mind. If you ask me, that’s the only way to properly greet a new season!

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