Bonnie Byte: Pet Names

Posted: Apr 12 2009


Bon-Bon here. That’s my “sweet” name. You know, like when humans say “honey” or “dear.” I was thinking about it today - just how do we come by these nicknames? And I realized that they are expressions of affection, which is a natural byproduct of time well spent together. That’s the key. You can easily improve the quality of your time with your family by following one golden rule: Listen to each other.

Dogs know ALL about listening. And it’s not because we hear so much better than our human counterparts. It’s because we care. That’s reflected in how we look at our loved ones. We don’t just glance, but really look and hang on everything you are saying to us. And this is when you are not even holding a favorite tidbit we want! A snuggle or a paw touch simply underlines our interest in the words. This is absolutely something you can apply to your own family life.

This Bon-Bon encourages you to really listen to your loved ones. And while doing so, add in a little affection to show you care - it makes all your relationships a little sweeter!

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