Bonnie Byte: Living in 3-D

Posted: Aug 16 2009


On some of these recent very hot days, my humans have brought home some movies to watch on one of those magical glowing boxes they call a “T.V.” It becomes quite an event. Everyone gets a cold drink to put next to them and then they get the popcorn and snacks ready. We recently watched a movie that was even more of a special event because this particular film was what they call “3-D.” So we all got to wear these funny looking glasses that made everything look different. Well, I sat with my family and watched the glowing box, and I must say, though I found it to be entertaining, I didn’t pay quite as much attention as everyone else. Oh believe me, I truly enjoyed the morsels of popcorn fed to me (my favorite part because they put cheese flavor on it - snort!). But I kept thinking about those glasses. They were supposed to make everything more real by giving it a greater sense of depth, but shouldn’t you be able to see the depth and beauty in your life without special glasses?

I’ve noticed humans sometimes get a form of tunnel vision, too busy living inside of their own heads. They even project their own feelings onto the folks around them although the signals they are picking up tell them otherwise. When engaging in life, they begin to anticipate the thoughts and actions of those around them and formulating their response, rather than truly listening. Our movie night really did turn out to be a special event for me because I learned something valuable; life is already very real. Don’t let moments pass you by because your own thoughts are racing ahead! Be open and be receptive, then respond. We don’t save any time by projecting our own thoughts and anticipating another’s feelings. We actually lose time by creating potential misunderstandings and not truly connecting.

So this week join with me and let’s all live our lives in 3-D. If we can take the time to watch a movie and make all the preparations to enter a fictional world, we can certainly take a few extra moments in our relationships to see all the dimension in our everyday lives. The depth we all seek is already there, no glasses needed.

But don’t get me wrong - I’ll keep the snuggles and the popcorn. Just make mine with extra cheese!

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