Bonnie Byte: If I Had a Hammer

Posted: Apr 27 2009


Sundays here are so relaxing. After supper, we were all sitting outside, roasting marshmallows on the grill, when my humans started singing what they call campfire songs. One of the songs they sang was “If I Had a Hammer“, a song about how folks could change the world. The hammer was just a symbol of how hard they’d work, “I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening,” and how diligently they’d to promote love, “hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters.” I was glad the hammer was just a symbol for something else, because if I had to hammer to make good things happen, I’d be in trouble. Dogs lack thumbs so I certainly won’t be hammering anything any time soon. Then I got it - I didn’t need a hammer, and neither did the folks singing the song.

I realized each of us already has the tools within us to foster change. We are fully equipped with the ability to move, speak and act. We just have to choose to use those tools instead of letting them lay around and get rusty. The folk singers sang IF they had a hammer. They really shouldn’t wait. Too many of us say: “If only I had this…If only the timing was better.“ Ifs are excuses keeping us from acting. We should take action from exactly where we are.

Once I thought this through, I looked at the evening sky and sighed with relief. I am equipped for this day and each day, as are you. The only thing left to do was figure out how to wrangle another marshmallow from my humans. I used one of my best tools…Cute Face ALWAYS works. Yum!

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