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Having a BAD HAIR DAY?

Posted: Mar 02, 2015


Do you ever come across a "sticky" situation in your life?

My daughter did the other day, and you wouldn't believe the solution she came up with. Fortunately, I stopped her just in time!

But, we all come up with solutions that often get us in more trouble than we were before. I want to challenge you today--If you find yourself in a sticky situation, don't immediately start coming up with your list of solutions and acting on them. This type of reaction can be detrimental to our growth and the success God wants us to reach. Instead, try this process:

Pray and obey!

No matter what the problem is you're facing, God has already come up with a solution (He actually had the solution before you ever came across the problem). So don't panic! Breathe, rest, and go to God in prayer. Ask Him what you should do, and then follow through.

Exodus 14:14 tells us, "The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still."

Isn't that a load off? We don't have to come up with a way to solve our problems or fight our battles because Jesus already did! Rest in Him and let Him do what He does best!

Now it's your turn! Are you facing a problem today? RIGHT NOW while it's fresh in your mind, leave a comment, share the problem, and then profess that you are going to roll your cares over on to Him and be fully obedient. C'mon, Mama, you can do this! I'll be reading your comments and believing with you for your VICTORY!

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