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Can You Lift 44,000 Pounds?

Posted: Oct 27, 2014


My son has started doing some physical training and he's loving it (he's that weird kind that actually enjoys pain at the gym). The other day, he looked at an app on his phone and said, "Hey Mama, over the last couple days, I've lifted over 44,000 pounds!"

I was impressed! Then it hit me--success training is just like physical training. It's not about the overnight successes. It's about the steps that get you there. When people are seeing "success" in others they are seeing that culmination of little steps. When you see someone who has built a successful home business, you are seeing the culmination of little steps--making calls, creating a budget, putting in the training. When you see someone who is successful in their marriage, you are seeing the culmination of little steps--daily communication, acts of kindness, going out on dates.

People want the BIG success, but that doesn't even exist. The BIG success is just the culmination of little steps of diligence and discipline.

There is a place in your life where you want growth and success. It could be your health, your marriage, your finances, something! Don't look for the short cuts, because they always end up frustrating you. Overnight success is a lie. Instead of looking for the BIG success, look for what you can do right now, today, that can put you on the right road.

Kyler could never lift 44,000 pounds, but he can lift 30 over and over. Do you get what I'm saying? Look for the daily steps you can do with discipline and when you keep at it, you will wake up with that goal met and an even bigger goal in front of you.

I know how it is with moms. I can get pretty overwhelming, doing all we do. But instead of giving it a day, or a week, I want to come alongside you for 90 days. It's incredible the changes you can make in 90 days! This week, I'm launching the 90-Day Mom Challenge. No matter WHAT your challenge area, we are going to meet it head-on and start taking steps to overcome those challenges and create a LIFE that you LOVE.

Stay tuned....I'm so excited I'm about to burst! It's happening THIS week. Now I want to know--what are your challenge areas? Where do you want to see success in the next 90 days? Share it by leaving a comment below. I want to come alongside you and believe for your victory!

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